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It Warms Our Hearts To Play A Small Role In Connecting Abandoned Animals To Their Forever Homes.


Our Story

Flight Angels® is the brain child of our Founder, Jada Adorno.  Jada, a former NYPD officer and 911 first responder, moved to Puerto Rico with her husband in 2018 to escape NY winters and enjoy island life.  Unfortunately, Jada learned not everyone is thriving on the island.  Hundreds of thousands of homeless animals are suffering from abandonment and abuse- everywhere!  


One day Jada was chatting with a rescuer who said she needed to get a puppy to its adopter in NY and wished she knew someone traveling from PR to carry the puppy onto their flight.  That’s all Jada needed to hear!  She immediately started making posts on various Puerto Rico travel Facebook groups to see if anyone was traveling to NY in the upcoming weeks and if they they would be willing to carry a sweet puppy with them.  Travel volunteers eagerly stepped up and were more than happy to help.  She kept posting for rescuers and travelers continued to volunteer.  Jada knew she found something special!  It only made sense to create the Flight Angels® Facebook page as a dedicated place to bring travelers and rescuers together.  The rest is history!


Today, Flight Angels® is a volunteer group working ’round the clock to pair air travelers with Puerto Rican satos and gatos needing to travel to United States.  Thanks to Jada’s quick thinking and dedication, and thanks to the numerous Flight Angels® and amazing rescuers, countless lives have been saved and will continue to be saved.  

Our Mission

We believe that all living beings deserve compassion and a good quality of life. As such, our mission is to help end animal suffering and neglect by flying SATOS and GATOS off the island of Puerto Rico and into the United States. We also work hard to promote spay and neuter of all island animals to further their wellbeing. 

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