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How Does it Work?

1. Request to be a Flight Angel®

Let us know your flight details by filling out the request form below.

2. We'll See if There's A Match

If there is a dog or cat needing to fly to your destination, you will be matched with the rescuer.

3. Pet In-Cabin Reservation

The rescuer will handle all aspects of the pet flight reservation and expenses. You just sit back, relax and enjoy Puerto Rico!

4. Meet at the Airport

About 2 hours prior to your departure a volunteer will meet you at the airport with your flight buddy. Yay!

5. Check Your Buddy In

You will check your furry friend at the airline counter where they will tag the pet carrier. Next, you will pass through security.

6. Destination Arrival

A volunteer will meet you outside of your baggage claim gate to pick up your little angel! Thank you so much and Happy Tails!

Become a Flight Angel

Be A Flight Angel®

Ready To Save A Life?

If you are a rescuer please fill out the Rescuer Form or contact Jada Adorno

We need a little info from you to see if there's a match!
Note: 7-14 days prior to your departure is the ideal time to find a match.
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Reviews & Mentions


Being a Flight Angel is an amazing way to help an animal in need get to its forever home in the United States.  There is a serious stray dog and cat crisis on the island of Puerto Rico and shelters and rescuers are (always) full.  Every animal that leaves the island means one more stray can be rescued from the streets.  That said, being a Flight Angel® is a very important and necessary part of saving dogs and cats!  Please help save lives!  The animals (and rescuers) need you!

No. Flight Angels® works with rescuers in Puerto Rico and the United States by matching animals in need to air travelers willing to transport small dogs and cats from Puerto Rico to their destination.  Flight Angels® is not a rescue.

After you fill out the reservation form, if there is an animal needing to fly to your destination, you will be matched with the rescuer.  The rescuer will handle all aspects of the reservation and start a text chat to coordinate meeting you at the airport to hand over your adorable flight buddy, paperwork and pet carrier- usually 2 hours before your flight. 

You will then check the animal in at the airline counter and the airline will tag the pet carrier.  At security, you will remove the animal from the carrier and carry it through the metal detector.  The carrier will need to go through the x-ray machine the same as any carry-on bag would. 

When boarding the plane, the little buddy will need to be inside the carrier then placed under the seat* in front of you as a carry on.  The animal must remain inside the carrier the entire flight.  A volunteer or adopter will meet you at the airport to pick up your fur companion.  

*Exit rows, bulkhead seats, and lie-flat seats in first class cannot accommodate pets.

No. The rescue will pay for the pet fee* and even make the reservation!  They will also provide the pet carrier and other supplies so there is zero cost to you.


*Some airlines require payment at the time of pet reservation and others require payment at check-in counter.  Either way, the rescue will pay the airline pet fee.

No.  We must have an adopter, rescue partner, or foster in your destination that can pick up the animal.  You will only be contacted if you can be matched.  

Not a problem! This will give you an opportunity to let your flight buddy out to stretch and relieve itself (please use pee pads and not the pet relief areas).

If  your layover is longer than 3 hours, your layover city could be the final destination for your flight buddy.  You would need to exit the airport to meet the volunteer picking up the animal and then re-enter through security.  We do not recommend leaving the airport with a layover less than 3 hours.

Unfortunately flight cancelations happen from time to time.  We get it!  If your flight is canceled, let your rescuer know so arrangements can be made to pick your flight buddy up.  If you are able to care for your buddy for a few hours or overnight, even better!  More likely than not, you’ll have a blast bonding and playing with your new bud and will create a unique, happy memory!

Airport pet relief areas are ok for older dogs with strong immune systems.  However, for puppies that are growing and have not fully developed, pet relief areas could be life threatening as they’re full of germs and potential viruses and bacteria.

This is rare since they are on restricted food and water intake before traveling and most animals will never go to the bathroom inside their carriers.  Additionally, pee pads are provided for relief while you wait to board your flight (please do NOT, do NOT, use the airport pet relief areas).  However, an accident does happen on occasion.  If it does, the carriers are absorbent and poop bags and potty pads are provided to use if needed.  Most accidents can be addressed by the volunteer picking the fur baby up so you will not need to worry.  

At this time, no.  Unfortunately, larger dogs must fly cargo which is a more complicated endeavor and cannot be carried out by a traveler.  Sadly, for this reason, many big dogs never make it off the island to their forever home.

Unfortunately, the island of Puerto Rico is riddled with homeless dogs and cats but Flight Angels® is NOT a rescue and cannot take in animals.  We recommend reaching out to rescuers on the island but please be prepared to be told they cannot help as rescues are perpetually full!  Additionally, Puerto Rico shelters are high kill shelters so dropping off a stray to a kill shelter will almost guarantee its death!

If you are able to provide or arrange a forever home to your new fur friend, satos and gatos make the best family members!  But please see to it it’s a FOREVER HOME and proceed to the following question on what to do next.

*Please note that some strays are actually someone’s pet that got away. 

Congratulations!  This is a game changer for your sweet fur buddy!  A couple of things we first must point out is that adopting a pet requires your full commitment and responsibility.  Cute little puppies may grow up to be 60 pound dogs.  Are you ok with that?  You will need to commit the time, energy, have the proper home and family environment, and the financial resources to care for your pet.  

*Please note that some strays are actually someone’s pet that got away. 

If you are absolutely sure your animal does not belong to anyone else and you are fully committed to caring for it the entirety of its life, awesome!  Next question would be: is the animal small enough to fit inside a pet travel carrier?  If so, the travel process is rather simple, so here are some recommendations:

1.  Visit a veterinarian for a complete wellness check and vaccinations (DHPPL, bordetella and rabies if the animal is old enough).  Most PR vets do not require an appointment so use Google to find a vet close to you and call them in advance.
2.  Add the pet to your return flight reservation.
3. Purchase a soft sided travel carrier and other supplies (poop bags, pee pads, leash, collar, bowls and food).  

Below is a list of airlines and their pet in cabin requirements (to the best of our knowledge).

Pet In Cabin Requirements By Airline

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